7-Day Seoul Itinerary - Day 5

Day 5: TeamLab, Lotte World, Lotte World Tower, Common Ground

Welcome to Day 5 of our trip! On this day, we had some much-needed fun at Lotte World, and then treated ourselves to some shopping.

Day 5


The teamLab exhibition at Lotte World is an innovative and artsy showcase that is different from any other museum or art gallery you've been to. It features captivating light shows, interactive activities and plenty of opportunities to snap a cute and memorable photos. We had previously visited this exhibition in Singapore, but couldn't resist another chance to marvel at this exhibition again in Seoul.

Blue balls at teamLab

Blue balls at teamLab

The highlight of the exhibition is the fairy light tunnel, which is the last stop before you exit the exhibition. Make sure you don't rush your time here - as it can be very easy to feel pressured to leave without getting the picture you wanted - trust me, those little kids and their parents can be very demanding! So take your time and only exit if you feel like you've got all the photos you want from here.

Lotte World and World Tower

Lotte World opened in 1989 and since then, has become one of the most visited theme parks in the world. All week we were looking forward to riding some of their attractions and checking out what all the hype was about!

Lotte World

Lotte World

We purchased discounted tickets on Klook which worked out nicely for us.

The theme park itself is more or less a copy of Disneyland, with its own iterations of Mickey and Minnie. Although a bit (dare we say) ‘tacky’, to us, this was part of the theme park's amusement factor as it often provided comedic results! Sometimes, the blatant deliberate copying was just so glaring that it became funny. The theme park is a little old and could do with some renovations, but all in all, Lotte World is still a surefireway to spend a fun time with family, friends or your significant other.

We went during school holidays so it was wildly packed, with up to 80 minutes waiting time for rides. You have the option of purchasing express tickets to cut the queue, but they're only available in certain times of the day. Once they run out, you'll have to face that long line! Ralph and I waited for about 3 rides before calling it quits.

It was still a fun day out, with plenty of fun things to do. You can also treat yourself to a view of the Lotte Tower (if you roam around outside and take the Swan cruise)!

Lotte World is connected to the Jamsil Mall and the Lotte World Department store - so if you're tired of riding rollercoasters or if waiting around for long periods of time just isn't your thing, you can indulge in some conveniently located retail therapy.

Common Ground

You caught us. We're repeat offenders by visiting this place again. On Day 5, we had one last visit to Common Ground to top off our shopping, as well as take some last minute shots of those famous blue containers!

Where to stay in Seoul

To read more about where to stay in Seoul, scroll to the bottom of our Day 1 blog post. :)

That marks the end of Day 5 for us. Our Day 6 is next up!

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