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Writer, Editor, Photographer, Drone Pilot, Itinerary Organiser

Avid writer, hiking enthusiast, and perennial traveller with chronic wanderlust. Fred is a lawyer, and is currently working in the legal field. He’s involved in hotel management, and is also a recording artist. You can check out his music under the name ‘Asher X’. When he’s not crafting itineraries, you can probably find him chilling on a blue, tropical beach or writing a song - or both!

Travel Status: Floating in clear turquoise waters.


Editor, Operations, Photographer, Drone Pilot, Navigator

A love for urban jungles, meeting new people and wearing local threads is what fuels Ralph to travel. By day, he’s a Resource Manager. By night, you can find him summoning his photo editing skills, taking the camera out for a spin or songwriting and performing.

Travel Status: Getting lost in concrete landscapes.


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